Amazing Crown Jewellery File

Makes for a Lovely Gift

Crown Jewellery File an upgrade to the old style jewellery boxes.

Crown Jewellery File is “Jewellery Storage with a difference”. It’s an excellent storage system for various kinds of jewellery and is great for travel, home use, and as a gift.

Great for Travel

Practical and elegant, our Travel Jewellery Case is perfect for packing in your suitcase. The travel case always looks good – no matter whether you travel near or far.

Crown Jewellery File comes in 5 elegant colours as follows

Leopard Lux

Tropical Splash

Parakeet Paradise

Blue Splendour

Black Blaze

Organised Home Storage for your Jewellery

It is so important to be able to quickly put your hands on your jewellery particularly when you’re in a hurry!

  • Excellent gift for all.
  • Faux Suede cushions the jewellery thereby eliminating scratches/damage
  • Excellent travel companion
  • Jewellery can be retrieved quickly and easily
  • A useful travel item  as if isn’t as bulky as the traditional style jewellery boxes

Unique accessories for different styles

I am a highly organised and motivated professional Fashion Designer with a wealth of experience in a range of photographic styles and services. Just run your Fashion Store which will be a reflection of you a sexy and confident woman that shines with her unique style. Our goal is to make fashion as easy possible.

Removable Inserts make the Crown Jewellery File so versatile